Facebook Fan Page

facebook-fan-page-iconSagebridge Digital also creates Fan Pages for your website on Facebook. These Fan pages provide you with the valuable opportunity to interact with your target audience. Your page will represent your company and would show what your company offers to its clients.

We will provide following facilities for your Facebook Fan Page –

  • We would define your Fan page branded with your company and representing the goals and achievements of it.
  • We would regularly update the page with posts which are related to your company updates. We would also ask the people with polls which would help in interacting with people who are subscribed to the page which are mostly your customers.
  • Social Media Tracking : We would track all the activities which would happen in your Fan page for e.g. which people “liked” your page, who are talking about it and what are they talking about. We would help you convert those Fans into your customers which in turn would enhance your business and improve your reach to audience.